There are many online training courses where everyone can learn how to make cocktails just like a professional barman. In our days this profession – barman – is practiced by many people at different ages in all over the world. Probably most of you have wondered many times why their cocktails do not taste like the pro’s drinks. It is the little things, sometimes, that can make the difference between a great cocktail, a mediocre one and that gets split into the sink. You will notice that there are a few steps that take when making almost any cocktail that add the “wow” factor of the drink in case you pay attention to the best bartenders in the world. You will soon find that that the quality of your cocktails is improving and the only thing you have to do to achieve this is to follow 5 easy steps every time you shake or sit your favorite drinks. The courses are made to help everyone to become a professional barman and to work in different bars, disco clubs and restaurants. Each one of the steps requires you to be concentrated and serious – that’s the way to get the skills faster.

Courses for professional barmans

Upgrading your liquor cabinet is the first step. There is a significance difference between the distilled spirits on the top shelf and the bottom shelf of the liquor store. Your drinks will reflect the quality of their ingredients and it is important to spend a little extra money on quality because liquor is typically the strongest ingredient in a drink. Ingredients must be always fresh – this is the second step that has to be followed. Whenever possible choose fresh instead of canned or bottled ingredients for your cocktails. The primarily refers to fruit juices but can also be applied to other mixers such as using a soda siphon as opposed to bulling bottled soda water or club soda and making your own simple syrup. Match the drink and glass the temperature and you have already followed the third step. During the online training courses this may seems like a simple and even possibly unnecessary. Actually it makes a world of difference. Chilling the glass before you pouring will keep the drink colder longer and the experience of drinking is better from beginning to end when you are serving cold drinks. This can be as simple as placing a glass in the freezer for a minute or pouring cold water or ice in the glass while you shake and dumping it out before the pour. Using of garnishes when appropriate and measuring everything are the last two steps that you have to follow. During the courses you will learn that not every cocktail needs to be garnished. However, those that do call for a lemon depend on that addition for flavor and balance. The importance of measuring cocktail ingredients cannot be stressed enough in case you want to create great tasting drinks consistently.