Distance learning courses in many colleges and universities are flexible. They are specifically designed to give all the students convenience of studying from the comfort of home at time that suits them. Different educational institutions have different policy about the conduction of such kind of courses. For example they can be focused on allowing students to study where and when they like by removing fixed durations and timings. Through a conventional postal system courses materials can be received or another option is studying online. Stonebridge Associated Colleges are one of the numerous educational institutions that distance learning courses are available. Everyone who studies there will be posted his first two years with paper – based study along with one question study. When the question paper is already completed, answers may be sent back to the college by using email or fax. Courses there are excellent and with high quality of teaching and support. There are many other places where this kind of courses takes place. Open University and Harvard University are just two of the options for all the students who are interested in online studying. This method is attractive and comfortable because allows studying from home or any other place.

Distance learning courses

Distance learning courses as already was said take place in many colleges and universities. Oxford University is one of these places. Courses offer a new way of combining innovative learning and teaching technologies with interaction with your tutor fellow students from all over the world. Many people probably ask questions connected with what exactly distance learning looks like. Actually this term is used to describe an education received at an off – site location. Students who participated in such a program in the past received their education through correspondence courses. In our days a new technology has brought about many other options. There are two basic types of video based distance learning courses. The first one is known as “prerecorded video” and is – generally – videotaped courses that are sent to students who can view them at an off –site location. Two – Way interactive video is the second type. In this case cameras or television and computer monitors allow the professors and students on one site to interact with students and professors on other site. Internet based courses require both Internet connection and little else. Often students of online distance programs receive instructions through web sites, electronic bulletin boards, e-mails or messaging systems. Also this kind of courses in most cases offers the same curriculum as one – site courses and usually come with a discounted price tag. May be this is the main reason Internet based distance learning courses to become more and more popular. It is important to make sure if distance learning is really right for you. Earning a degree online can be enjoyable and rewarding experience. That’s why this kind of studying is preferred by many people from all over the world. It gives a lot of chances and also allows studying from home or any other place.