There are many educational institutions that offer free math courses for all the people who want to improve their skills in this field. Besides the courses do not require students to register or pay tuition. Most of the courses, however, do not lead to college credit. Students might consider seeking out courses that charge a fee in exchange for access to lessons in case they prefer to earn credit for the courses they take in brick-and-mortar institutions. Free-based courses can prepare students for earning alternative forms of credit. The Open University is one of the educational institutions that courses in math are available. It offers a wide range of courses in math and statistics that can be helpful for all who want to work in this sphere. Actually the courses there are free to everyone regardless of location. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT, offers nearly 100 free general mathematics courses available. Most of them consist of lectures, problem sets, slides, assignments and other resources to assist in self-study. These courses cover basic topics in algebra such as group vector spaces, bilinear forms and linear transformations and – one of the important things – registration is not required.

Math courses

One of the best options for the students who want to enroll in math courses is University of Massachusetts, Boston. UMass offers a series of three calculus courses through the OpenCourseWare project. Each one of these three courses provides comprehensive instruction in the subject. Furthermore the courses are downloadable which means everyone has access to them and may educate himself anytime at any place. The courses include things such as suggested problems, reading assignments, multiple lessons and much more. Trigonometry courses are available at Whatcom Community college and it is also one excellent option for all the people. It offers a PDF version of their Trigonometry Unit lesson. All these educational institutions are just a few from the numerous opportunities that everyone can choose from. Temple University, for example, offers a course in calculus on the web. Members of the mathematics department at the university designed a library system that they coined Calculus on the Web, simply known as COW. The course is made to help the students learn and practice calculus. The system is composed of interactive modules and students can use them to learn about calculus and such related main topics as calculus, precalculus, linear and abstract algebra and much more. Assignments that are graded automatically so students can check to see if they solved the problems correctly are included in the modules. All these places offer a wide variety of opportunities for the students that are interested in mathematics and want to develop their skills and knowledge. The price for the courses is always different and depends on factors such as the duration of the courses, the policy of the institution and much more. Enrolling in such courses may be the key to a successful career in the field of finance, economics and many others.