Attending law school full-time courses may not be an option for students who balance the demands of career, family and other interests. Many of the law schools, fortunately, offer part-time courses. Approximately 1 in 10 graduates from ABA-approved schools attended a part-time law program according to the US Department of Labor. Full-time students complete a law degree in 3 academic years, while part-time students generally complete a law degree in eight semesters – four academic years. Students admitted to law school’s part-time course can usually transfer to the program full-time in case they choose. Also it has several limitations, while attending law school on a part-time basis offers many advantages. Most of the courses are offered in the evening and this is how people are allowed to maintain full-time employment during the day. Evening programs make law school programs for a big number of students with family obligations and employment that would otherwise prevent them from attending law school. Another advantage is connected with allowing students to carry fewer credits and take fewer classes than full-time students. Part-time students should still expect to spend 30 to 40 hours per week pursuing their law degree, although the course load is reduced.

Part-time law courses

The LSAT scores and GPA’s of students in part-time programs are excluded from US World and News Reports law schools rankings calculus, making it possible for schools to lower admissions criteria for part-time students. Often part-time admissions programs are more forgiving with LSAT scores and GPA’s, placing greater weight on the professional experience and accomplishments of the students. Changes in ranking systems, however, may raise admissions criteria and force part-time courses cuts. The forth main advantage of part-time law courses is the reduced financial burden. Students can spread it out over a greater period of time since part-time law courses are usually completed in 4 academic years instead of 3. Moreover, working during law school may help offset the costs of a legal education and allow students to take out fewer loans. All these advantages will certainly make you choose the part-time law courses as a good and even excellent option. No matter what kind of the degree you want to earn, these courses will let you work as a lawyer in a wide range of companies. The cost of the courses is another important factor, so do not forget to learn more about it. Depending on your obligations, you can enroll in the courses during day or evening. As most of them are offered at night, you can work and take care of your family in day hours. Of course, these courses have and some disadvantages that can make many people not to like it. But it is undoubtedly true that part-time law courses are very popular not only in USA but also in many other countries. That’s why they will be always preferred by people at different ages – older and younger.