In the education context course means different things. There are varies depending on which country it’s used in. For example in Canada and the United States course is a unit of teaching that lasts on the academic tern is led by one or more instructors It’s also has fixed roster of students. In most cases it describes an individual subject taken. After the completion of the course, students may receive a grade or academic credit. In Australia, Singapore and United Kingdom course has meaning of entire programs of studies required to complete a university degree. In South Africa the term refers to the collection of all courses over a year or semester. It’s necessary to be mentioned that in USA collection of all courses is called “modules”. In the Philippines course can be used to either refer to an individual subject or the entire program usually referred to by students and outsiders. In American universities education courses are usually on a time constraint. Some of them are only a few weeks long, but the length is always different. There are courses which may continue one semester or even one year. Some courses may also continue for three semesters.

education courses

Education courses are usually specific to the students’ major and are instructed by a professor. If a student is taking an organic chemistry course for example, then the professor has to teach the students organic chemistry and how it applies to their life. There are different types of courses and each one has its own specifics and features. They are made of individual sessions, most often on a fixed weekly schedule. First type is lecture courses, where the instructor gives lectures with minimal interaction. The second is seminar and in that case students both prepare and present their original written work. It can be discussed after that and also critiqued. The colloquium which is also known as reading course, requires instructor to give assigns readings for each session. They are then discussed by all the rest members. The tutorial education courses are the next type. They are known with the work of one or more students. They work on a topic and meet with the instructor weekly. During the meetings there are discussions and guidance. Elective courses are these which are chosen by students from a number of optimal subjects or courses in a curriculum, as opposed to a required course which has to be taken by the students. Elective course is term which is also used for a period of medical study conducted away from the students’ home medical school. It is often located abroad. Motivations which make the students choose such a program includes a wish to learn more about other cultures, and also to learn how to work in the clinical situations in other countries. All the education courses have one main purpose – to give the students good preparation and enough experience which everyone needs. They help a lot for individual development in personal and professional plan.